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Halo E-Cig Review

This is strictly my own review of the Product and Company. Halo is one of the top brands on the market. The company has been around since 2009 and they continue to provide a premium product and customer service. There is even a live chat window available on their site in the lower left corner. Someone will usually answer you within a minute or two and they are very helpful whether you have questions or help with your order. (You also don’t need to enter a lot of personal info to use the help chat, just your name)

Some articles I found that speak vouch for their Quality and Standards:

Choice Awards for Halo E-juice flavors from Spin Fuel eMagazine

‘The Best Pre-Filled E-cigarette and Refillable Tank System’ from PC Magazine

So from research & development to the end user product, Halo’s priority is providing a high-quality product value.

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How do E-cigarettes Work?

E Cigarettes are basically three main components: The tank or cartridge, which contains the E-liquid, a heating coil or atomizer, and a battery that energizes the heating coil to convert the E-liquid into a vapor. Nothing is actually burned, and so no smoke is released, rather a rich, pleasant vapor is produced.


glow-vape-mod-highlighted-with-aqua-lighting.jpgFirst – Choose your E-Cig, Pen, or Mod

Halo has 3 basic E-Cigs categories and 4 models. The ‘G6’, in the e-cig category, most resembles the size and feel of traditional cigarettes. The ‘Triton’, in the Pen category, uses a tank system which holds the E-Juice. Then there are two Mods, the ‘Tracer’ and the ‘Reactor’. These 3 categories offer a nice selection to start with or transition between.


Second – Choose your flavor

Finding a flavor, you like can be an enjoyable experience. If you used to smoke cigarettes and are switching to vaping, remember, the higher the ‘PG’ base (PG = Propylene Glycol base, which is used in food flavoring) of the e-juice, the stronger the throat hit comparable to tobacco brand strength (plain, medium, light, menthol). After a while – you will just use the flavor you like as the throat hit factor will become less desirable. Tobacco flavors often may mentally remind you of actual cigarettes, which may be o.k. for awhile if you are initially trying to quit tobacco, but later you may like to try a more custom flavor like Malibu or Tangerine Swirl. They have a good selection to choose from and you can have fun trying out different flavors.

E Juice

It can be interesting and enjoyable finding various e-cig juice flavors you like. Here are some observations I’ve made about the way they make their product.


Before a product goes on the market at Halo:
  • They hire an independent company to test, verify, and publish, that no traces Diacetyl (which may cause lung disease) or Acetylpropionyl (used as a solvent), are in their product.
  • Then the product is produced and the E-juice is amalgamated by qualified chemists, that work in a special clean environment, in their 100,000 SQ. ft. facility located in the heart of Gainesville, Florida.
  • Then the E-juice then goes through a unique steeping process which welds and mixes all the ingredients together so maximum flavor qualities are achieved.

Their labeling is very nice and has ‘best by’ dates and lot numbers on the bottles.

I hope you enjoyed my review and move forward with Halo as an E-cig choice. Their links are to the side of the site.



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